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The Greater Boston Partnership to Close the Racial Wealth Gap is a broad-based group of more than 40 members representing sectors including banking and finance, housing, issue advocacy, government, healthcare and life sciences, and education.

The partnership is convened and anchored by the Boston Foundation, including by its Director and leadership staff from across the organization, representing the Foundation's significant commitment to this issue.

Established in late 2022 as part of the Boston Foundation's commitment to racial equity, the Greater Boston Partnership to Close the Racial Wealth Gap is a uniquely powerful effort to close racial wealth gaps in the city and region by increasing homeownership in communities of color.

Why homeownership?

The Greater Boston Partnership to Close the Racial Wealth Gap's initial focus on homeownership is based on two simple facts:

  • Homeownership is the largest driver of intergenerational wealth for Americans across virtually all racial and demographic groups.

  • The United States, and Greater Boston in particular, have a significant and measurable gap in homeownership between white households and Black, Asian and Latino households.

With a data-informed and mission-driven approach to advance racial and economic equity, the Wealth Gap Partnership brings together housing, financial, nonprofit, philanthropic and civic leaders to develop approaches to support, strengthen, and expand the current landscape of affordable homeownership, and through it, build intergenerational wealth for communities of color.


Policy & Advocacy

We believe that our laws must play a pivotal role in addressing the significant and longstanding wealth gaps that exist in communities of color. As a result, our work includes efforts to influence and shape policymaking on the local, municipal, and state level.

Research & Communications

The Partnership’s work is data informed and mission driven. Our work is shaped not only by the importance of our cause, but also by the qualitative and quantitative information we collect, receive, and analyze as well as our communication and engagement of these learnings (and the actions that come from them) to our external stakeholders and target communities.

Programming & Interventions

Tackling individual, systems, and root-level causes of inequity requires the support of and investment in programs and institutions that work within communities of color to improve their lived circumstances. The Partnership believes our role is to find opportunities to identify such programs and uncover ways to amplify and expand their efforts.


The Wealth Gap Partnership was founded by Boston Foundation President and CEO M. Lee Pelton. In addition to Dr. Pelton and TBF Board Chair Linda Mason, the Wealth Gap Partnership includes a number of Boston Foundation senior staff bringing research, policy, communications and housing experience to the Partnership and its work.

Courtney Brunson 500x700.png

Courtney Brunson
Director, Greater Boston Partnership to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Courtney Brunson serves as Director of the Greater Boston Partnership to Close the Racial Wealth Gap.


Brunson comes to the role with experience in law and economic policy, having worked as the President of Harvard’s Legal Aid Bureau, a policy advisor for the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts and in the office of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, where she advanced the Senator’s priorities of investing in affordable housing, enforcing fair housing protections, and expanding homeownership opportunities.

Alexis Gomes
Assistant to the Director of the Wealth Gap Partnership

In addition to Brunson and Gomes, Boston Foundation staff involvement includes participation from across the Foundation.

Naila Bolus

Deputy Vice President and Director of the Campaign for a Greater Boston

Mariella Da Silva
Executive Assistant

Leigh Gaspar
Vice President and Special Assistant to the President & CEO

Kate Guedj
Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropic Officer

Soni Gupta
Associate Vice President, Neighborhoods and Housing 

Keith Mahoney
Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs

Ted McEnroe
Associate Vice President, Communications and Digital Media 

Orlando Watkins
Vice President and Chief Program Officer

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